Friday, 13 February 2015

Moments that melt me

I've been struggling a little bit with patience lately - nothing major, I just haven't been as calm and relaxed as I'd like to be.  So when Dom had trouble nodding off tonight (he's just gone to sleep, a few minutes before 10 pm, when he's usually snoring by 8:30), I resolved to get some practice in at being patient instead of making it clear that I was annoyed by the change.

He was sitting on my knee, mid-cry because I wouldn't let him get up, when I started crooning "Hush, Little Baby" - the only gentle song I'd been able to remember on coming home from the hospital and a song which had consequently become "ours," but which I hadn't had occasion to sing for a while.  He quietened within half a verse and snuggled in to listen, making me think that some part of his brain remembers the baby days and can still be soothed by the old lullaby.  When I finished, he took my face in his hands, kissed me and said, "I happy now.  Mama, sing it again."  Then he proceeded to gently stroke my face until I started singing again, punctuating the verses with kisses and laying his head on my chest between giant baby-cuddles.  Soon, he was snoring on my chest - the first time in I can't say how long that he's fallen asleep on me.  He stirred as I laid him in his bed, but a caress on the cheek sent him back to dreamland and there he stays.  

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