Saturday, 19 August 2017

We never went away

We went to the memorials today. As we reached the last one at the top of La Rambla, a taxi procession took place to thank the drivers who took people all over Barcelona and out of the centre for free on Thursday afternoon. Balloons were released and people lined the length of La Rambla to applaud as hundreds and hundreds of taxis drove from one end of La Rambla to the other.

It was a beautiful thing to see and be a part of after a sad and difficult but necessary day. 

Our "city trapped between a crescent of mountains and a sea of light, a city filled with buildings that could exist only in dreams," will overcome this. We will mourn our fallen and will pay eternal tribute to them as we remember how to laugh and sing and dance again. 

We are a city of love and colour. We are a city of hope. We are bright young things, old ladies with shopping bags, children playing, families talking over a meal, foreign, local, gay, straight, every possible permutation of humanity in the teeming streets which form the beating heart and the beautiful face of our city. 

We won't be back, because we never went away.

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