Thursday, 19 June 2014

In defence of my phone.

Don't worry, I KNOW that excessive use of a mobile phone can be damaging to our interpersonal relationships.  I'm not advocating for gluing ourselves to our phones 24x7, but nor am I a huge fan of the slightly sanctimonious backlash that makes us feel like criminals for checking our notifications.  I'm here to provide a bit of balance.

I keep seeing all of this judgement online 
Critical of how we're all spending our time 
Assuming because I've got hold of my phone 
I'm socially inept and feeling alone 

I have to admit, I dislike your assumption 
That our use of these tools is purely consumption 
Mindless and brainless and begging for more
You've no way of knowing what I use it for

From the brief glimpse you have, there's no way you can know
If I'm allowing the creative juices to flow
Writing a novel or completing this poem
In case I forget it before I get home

Connecting with family who live over the sea
Brought closer together by technology
Or maybe I'm disproving cosmic expansion
Is that important enough to warrant your sanction?

I think most of all I feel sorry for mothers
They seem to have it worse than the others
If they glance at their phone they're ignoring their child
Neglecting the baby or letting kids run wild

Maybe you think I'm being defensive
For finding your judgement a little offensive
I do understand that too much can cause damage
But I resent that you feel that my life's yours to manage

The irony is, now your video's gone viral
You're a contributor to the downward spiral
Every time you walk past someone and judge what they do
The chances are, they're watching YOU.


JuliaElizabeth said...

Perfect! I feel the same! Occasionally my phone does in fact get a time out for a day or so. I do see what they are saying but at the same time feel resentful at the judgement because I am using it to study things for my baby and his health/saftey ect. more than anything else, and I write from also. Someone looking across the way wouldn't know that the thing I do most are things for my child to be a good mom, and yes on occasions after I'm done I look at my facebook. I'm not awful for that either. My whole day is spent around my baby more than anything else, we sing, and play, take walk, look at flash cards, name objects and body parts. I for one am not causing damage and I'm sure most other moms aren't either. I'm sure the judgement that is being made is the exception.

Alex said...

I think this is so well written, such a clever response.

I love this and the original video!